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Giuliana Donnelly




I want to sincerely thank you and Velo\Vets (VV) for everything you have done to enable me to get back into cycling. VV provided the equipment, the training and mentoring, the encouragement and support, and a safe structured environment that made it possible to return to an activity that I dearly loved. Approximately seven months from my first VV ride, I was riding in El Tour de Tucson (37 miles) sponsored by VV and on a VV trike.


Through cycling I have regained a sense of mobility, freedom, independence, and adventure. The camaraderie, fellowship, and sense of inclusion I have experienced with VV has greatly improved my attitude, outlook, and quality of life. It is a great group to belong to, full of good folks.


Giuliana, your dedication, enthusiasm and can-do spirit encourages all of us to” get after it and keep after it”. Again, many thanks to you and all the fine people that make up VV.


Michael H. Rothery

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